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A small crossing of the waters outside Rønbjerg led me to Fælled Ø. As well as many other people I had heard countless stories of this place, but never met a native. The stories usually comes from people who knows somebody who once heard someone talk of this place. Some of them say that it’s a place without possibilities, that it’s a place with no freedom. Others say that it’s a place with no dreams and no hope for a better future.
            It is a peculiar thing though, that none of the natives seem to suffer from any of these horrific images I was given beforehand. In fact the stories from the natives are of a lively community with room for diversity and every individual. With serenity they talk of equity. With pride they tell of their community. With tranquillity they tell of higher purpose. With kindness they look, and they smile at you. Although it is also a community that at times requires sacrifice and courage, this too seems to be found essentially productive by the natives.
            When I left Fælled Ø I wasn’t sure if I understood. Nonetheless, it makes no sense anyways to determine the quality of a community on how many possibilities and how much measurable freedom you have, if people are happy with what they do and they feel free. It does not make sense to hope for a better future if today is good. It does not make sense to dream if you’re happy with now.

Skoleprojekt v. Arkitektskolen Aarhus
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